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Yasui Laboratory
About Yasui Laboratory

Laboratory aims

 We are aiming to develop new environmental technologies by controlling the high energy density.
 For examples, by successfully controlling the reactive plasma, it is possible to completely decompose environmentally harmful substances, such as fluorocarbon components, nitrogen components, and so on.
 In addition, by clarifying the characteristics of lightning phenomena and controlling it well, we can create new lightning protection technologies.

 We have been developing the reactive plasma technologies as following applications:
● Hydrophilic treatment of polyester fabric.
● DLC thin film formation with low friction.
● PFC gas treatment exhausted from semiconductor manufacturing industry.
● Sterilization technologies of harmful bacteria for culture solution of the plant factory.

 In addition, for protection of an electrical equipment against lightning strikes which cause high overvoltage and large current, we are researching and developing the effective lightning protection technologies by clarifying lightning surge phenomena using electromagnetic field and transient circuit analysis.
 In research and development, we aim to develop technologies that are compatible economically, while comprehensively evaluating social needs and processing costs.


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